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The centerpiece of “outcomes management” in healthcare is

What sampling technique involves selecting the medical record of every fifth patient undergoing cardiovascular bypass?

The “appropriateness” of care is:

The major difference between traditional quality assurance activities and the expanded quality improvement/performance improvement activities is the QI/PI focus on:

After first describing the problem, the best way to look at “patterns of behavior” over time is to use

Monitoring phlebitis associated with IV insertions by nurses in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit addresses which focus?

Monitoring the specific organization and content requirements of a medical record system is a review of which focus?

That dimension of quality/ performance that is dependent upon evaluation by the recipients and/ or observers of care is:

In the transition from quality assurance to quality management/quality improvement, which of the following emphases has resulted in the most significant benefit?

Applying the Pareto Principle in quality improvement is

Which of the following best describes the successful outcome of the quality improvement process?

When common cause process variation is identified, the goal of quality improvement is to

That function in the Juran Quality Management Cycle that includes the initial analysis of data/information is

In developing a program to evaluate the effectiveness of physician care, a primary care clinic would select which one of the following indicators?

Review of the timeliness of high risk screening for diabetes addresses which focus?

In statistical process control, it is important to first

The perception of quality by a patient receiving care in an ambulatory healthcare center is influenced most by;

Special cause variation is to the process

The task of setting up an ambulatory care setting QM/QI program that focuses on “outcomes” as a measure of treatment effectiveness is difficult because:

What is the most important relationship between structure, process, and outcome as types of indicators of quality?

A medication is ordered for a diabetic patient its capacity to improve health status, as a dimension of quality or performance, is its:

The Quality Management Cycle, based on Juran’s Quality Trilogy (quality planning, quality control, quality improvement)

“Common causes” of problems in processes refer to

A team approach to problem solving is most useful when

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